Travel to Moldova and Enjoy Cultural, Wine, Combined and Heritage Tours.

Travel to Moldova and discover the richness and diversity of the local culture and lifestyle of the Moldovans.

"Enjoy Moldova by Solei Turism" team invites you to book and join a variety of tours in Moldova which will, surely, make your stay in Moldova pleasant and memorable. Our tours are carefully planned and are focused on different audience. All of them reveal Moldova in all its aspects and primarily show the country's beauty and the main tourist attractions.


You're invited to discover the wine-making regions in Moldova and distinguish the wines produced there by booking a Wine Tour.  


Travel to Moldova and discover the richness and diversity of the local culture and live it for yourselves. Take a guided tour OR visit dozens of museums that are daily opened offering the information you are looking for.

Dive into the most puzzled history, find out the culture of different civilizations that have lived into this territory, learn to dance and play musical instruments, attend cultural events and Be Our Guest!


To better understand the essence of the Moldovans and diversity of the regions , we invite you to join one of the heritage tours. Heritage tours will take you centuries back ago and will get you acquainted with the multi-cultural country.

You'll get in the country that actually doesn't exist and not recognised by any country in the world. You're going to travel back in the USSR-a strip of land on the territory of Moldova called Transnsitria.

If you depart to the South of Moldova, you'll find yourself in an autonomous region called Gagauzia. There, you'll get acquainted with minorities called the Gagauzians. The Gagauz people are of Turkish origin, they descend from the Seljuq Turks, being the only Turkish people group that traditionally adheres to Russian-Orthodox beliefs.  Take a tour to Gagauzia and feel the spirit of the Turkish origin.

Of no less interest is the history of the Bessarabian Germans of the 19th century. That was the time when the colonists from Europe began to settle into the territory in the South of Bessarabia, a territory rich in harvest. It was namely that period of time when for many of the German families, for entire communities, Bessarabia became the second motherland. From 1814 to 1842, 9000 settlers came from Germany: Württemberg, Mecklenburg, Baden, Elsass, Bayern. By the year 1861, 26 thousand Germans were living in the province. In the 90s of the 19th century the German settlements reached the number of 84, they made the Bugeac steppe become a blossoming land.In our program we included these settlements and guests can visit the villages like Alexanderfeld, Albota de Sus, Marienfeld etc.  and see houses once belonging to German families.

And finally, familiarize with the Jewish Heritage in Moldova.

Jewish history in Moldova dates back several centuries. The Jews living on the territory of Moldova and Bessarabia had left a very significant mark in the history of the country. They were always considered a great people having rich knowledge in almost all spheres, showing the good deeds and playing an important role in the economy of the area.

The region has become a center of literature written in Hebrew and Yiddish in the 19th c.


The mixed programs give the tourists a perfect chance in a relatively short time to get acquainted with the most visited sights and discover highlights of neighboring countries (Moldova, Romania, and Ukraine).

By booking one of the combined tours, travellers have the opportunity to learn multilateral culture, traditions and the daily life, to know literary and ethnographic treasure, to follow the way of wine, to reveal the historical essence and to try to understand the mentality of the locals by taking an active part at different cultural events and master-classes.