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Moldova-a country with millenary viticultural traditions.

In ancient times, the vinification of our ancestors knew the Decree of Burebista. As a result, he obliged the Dacs and Gets to cut the grapevines and to live without over-consumption of wine.

Proudly, Moldova was declared a wine country with centuries old history.

The wine making process has a very rich experience and the traditions of wine making were borrowed from the Thrakian-Dacian tribes, from the Greeks, the French and from the Romes.

Today, vineyrads of Moldova make out 112 Ha.

Moldova has very good unique climate and relief for growing perfect wines.

Interesting to know is that Moldova has 4 geographical wine zones: Codru, Valul lui Traian, Stefan-Voda and Divin (North of Moldova).

Our country can boast its own popular varietals like: Feteasca Alba, Neagra, Regala; Rara Neagra, Viorica.

Rara Neagra is a relatively rare varietal. The wine from this varietal are very popular as they have unique taste, high price and are condidered to be a visiting card of Moldova!

It’s, obviously, the country, wired to become a wine country basing on its contour on the map – it’s shaped like grape.


Now, we offer you a beautiful opportunity to participate at the wine tastings and feature the best wines from Moldova!





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Milestii Mici


Crama Mircesti

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Chateau Purcari

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Asconi winery

Mimi Castle

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Poiana Winery

Atu Winery

Tronciu winery

Carlevana winery


Today, we can certainly affirm one thing – the oenotourism represents a new way of relaxation destined for those who prefer novelty and changes to “something new”.


Finally, Enjoy Moldova Team, invites you to celebrate with us the National Wine Day, which is, annualy, celebrated on the first weekend of October.