Capriana Monastery

Moldova Monasteries: Capriana Monastery Tour


Group size: from 1 pax


The entrance into Capriana Monsatery is always open and stepping into the yard one is overwhelmed by a feeling of peace and quiet and mystery, because it is here that you can find one of the most old churches of Basarabia, this is where you feel how eras and architecture styles interweave, this is where you breathe the air of Codru and the fragrance of incense, this is where you find the symbol of Orthodox faith and the symbol of Moldova.

We invite you to discover together with us the Monastery complex Capriana in all its beauty –with its three churches where the abbot Chiprian was walking and the first Mitropolit of Moldovei, Gavriil Banulescu Bodoni, in order to get to know and live again those 6 centuries of Monastery existence.

Jointly we will find out from where the name of the Monastery derives and which are the legends that are associated with it, which are the treasures are hidden inside the old church, what was the fate of the Monastery during the time of Antioh Cantemir, during the WWII and during the time of soviet rule (1962-1989), historical, religious, architectural moments that occurred until the reconstruction of Monastery complex Capriana between 2003-2007.


What can be seen?


  • The church „Assumption of Mary”, built in a Moldovan architectural style, you could even say in a Musat style, which is the first building of the Monastery. This church was founded by Alexandru cel Bun (1420), was rebuilt by Steven the Great after the wars held by him, was rebuilt by Petru Rares after the earthquake (1545), afterwards by Gavriil Banulescu Bodoni (1820) this church is the centerpiece and the pride of the monastery.
  • St. Nicholas Church (1840) for winter
  • St. George church, built in 1903 in a Russian neo-classical style.
  • The 2 story building covers: the refectory, conference room, abbot room
  • The grave of the first Mitropolit of Moldova – Gavriil Banulescu-Bodoni


What can you do?


  • See the Monastery in its beauty from the platform situated at the entrance into the village (Leuseni road)
  • Attend a church service.
  • Visit the oak tree of Steven the Great (over  450 years) found in the landscape reservation Capriana-Scoreni
  • Visit the scientific reservation „Codrii”, created in 1971


How can we help you?


  • With transportation services in order to reach the destination quickly and conveniently
  • Guiding services (in the requested language with a licensed guide)
  • We are ready to answer your other requests


Useful information

Location: center of Moldova –area of Codri, village of Capriana, r. Straseni

Distance from the capital city 35 km

Monastery of: monks

First recording /year of foundation: 1420

Monastery celebration day: Assumption of Mary

Open for visitors: daily


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