Tourist Fair ITB Berlin 2023


Tourist Fair ITB BERLIN is the place where tourism industry leaders meet and build strong relationship creating further tour packages for perfect holidays!


There are a lot of news and new itineraries, we’ve carefully created in the Republic of Moldova that we’re eager to share with our partners and clients.


We invite you to visit our stand #206, hall 1.1 and learn more about Moldova as a tourist destinations.


It’s the pleasure to present our travel company “Solei-Turism” as the leading travel agency in Moldova providing all ranges of tourism services in the country.

We specialize in FIT and small groups offering more local experience and personal attention, as well as in large groups, providing them with customized travel packages.


We’re happy to promote a new destination for the travellers and open a new world on a post-soviets area – a small but a welcoming and friendly country in all its spheres Republic of Moldova!

Moldova is surely unheard destination for most of people but we aim at making it heard, visited and enjoyed by promoting our country on tourists’ fairs and workshops abroad.

Our main goal is to convey to our clients that Moldova is a country that’s worth to be visited and discovered as only by coming to an unknown country one can realize that Moldova is a fascinating piece of land, small, but having much to offer-cozy and greenest cities with huge green parks, gentle climate, friendly welcoming people, charming landscapes, diverse culture, and of course, unique wine-cellars which are considered to be the biggest in the world.


By booking a thematic tour by Solei-Turism, travellers have the opportunity to get acquainted with the multilateral culture, with the traditions and the daily life of the people, with literary and ethnographic treasure, with Moldova’s monasteries, picturesque places, the wine road, the historical monuments; to understand the mentality by taking an active part at master-classes in various fields-culinary and wine tasting, pottery, weaving, embroidery, beadwork,  eggs painting, dancing and others, etc.


Facts to know about Moldova:

–       One of the wineries of Moldova was included in the Guinness Records Book for the “Largest Underground Wine-Cellars in the world” housing over 2 Mil. Bottles of wine;

–       Moldova is famous and proud for its Eco fruits and vegetables;

–       Moldova is famous for its rich traditions which are carefully preserved;

–       Autumn Tourism Season in Moldova is very colorful – all kind of festivals dedicated to fruits and vegetables harvest like Wine Festival, Pumpkin Festival, Apple Festival, etc.

–       Transnistria/Pridnestrovie- a breakaway Moldovan region, self-declared independent Republic with its own government and president;

–       GagauzEry – an autonomous region in Moldova with population of Turkic origin


Don’t hesitate to meet us at ITB Berlin 2023!

Enjoy Moldova Team will be pleased to share all travel news about Moldova with you!