Moldova Tour


The team of “Enjoy Moldova Department” is happy to share the news that our “Enjoy Moldova Tour” has been very popular for the last season. In other words, we got very many visitors from different countries willing to join the tour.

For example, our guests have opened a new destination that is on the list of the least visited countries. As a result, they remained highly impressed by our small but very nice country with friendly and good-hearted people. Our hospitality, local food that’s really varied and tempting, our fascinating landscapes, and of course, perfect wines gained special appreciation.

Above all, Enjoy Moldova Tour offers a unique possibility to stay with locals in a countryside. Firstly, it helps to understand the way of life, and, secondly, the mentality of the Moldovans. It’s a tour about the authentic food and specialties.

In short, Enjoy Moldova Tour can really offer:  visits to the famous wineries and wine-cellars; stay with locals in countryside; cooking, pottery, weaving classes,  and not only; visit to local farmers;  back in USSR trip in Transnistria.

All those wishing to join Enjoy Moldova Tour, are welcome to book the desired travel period on