Wine Tourism Conference Moldova 2018

Wine Tourism Conference 

Moldova Global Wine Tourism Conference 2018Moldova will host for the first time the third issue of the Global Wine Tourism Conference in 2018. 

“Moldova will become, under the aegis of the UN, the World Capital for Wine Tourism Conference in 2018. This decision is definitely considered a victory for the image of our country as a tourist destination. It will result in the positioning of Moldova in the world top of wine tourism destinations. We expect about 250 – 300 professional participants from over 70 countries. The transport and accommodation costs will be covered by participants. Our country will bear only internal expenses and of organization,” said General Director of the Tourism Agency, Stanislav Rusu.

The first issue of the conference took place in Georgia in 2016, the second one of 2017  in Argentina. The third edition of Global Wine Tourism Conference will take place in Moldova in 2018.

Wine Tourism – represents a form of tourism  for which is specific visiting of economic agents which activate in the field of winification and of vinicultural regions, aiming to combine the pleasure of degustation from vinicultural products and discovery of rural  area, its lifestyle and local cultural activities.

Whatever the name (vinicultural, viticultural, oenotourism) and its exhaustivity, we can certainly affirm one thing – the oenotourism represents first of all, a new way of relaxation destined for those who prefer novelty and changes to “something new”.

wine tourism conference

Wine Festival

We have the pleasure to invite you to the Wine Festival in Moldova 2018 which takes place annually in October. This year the Festival will be hold on October 6-7, 2018 on the central square in Chisinau “Stefan cel Mare”.

Also visitors as well participants of the Global Wine Tourism Conference can visit our famous festtival.

Furthermore, various events will take place during the two days. There will be an official opening of the festival and participants will have a presentation of wine products. Also there will be a public and professional wine tastings as well presentations, artistic and theatrical programs, touristic offers, displays of handcraft objects of folk craftsmen and national cuisine, and so on.

In addition, visitors and guests of the festival will have the chance to taste the aroma and bouquet of Moldovan wines, familiarize themselves with the national culture, traditions and customs.

To better understand the essence of wine tourism in Moldova we’re also offering wine toursas well it will help to discover the best wine producers of the country and savour the glorious Moldovan wines.