Wine and vineyards of Moldova

Discover Moldova’s vibrant viticulture regions

Although the country isn’t widely-known for wine, archaeological discoveries indicate that Moldova’s winemaking tradition is one of the world’s oldest.

Moldova’s wines are becoming increasingly well recognised internationally, with a local vintage winning Best Red Wine at Concours Mondiale de Bruxelles 2022.



Some interesting facts to know about Moldovan wine and wineries:


  • – Have you ever heard about the largest wine collection in the world? 2 millions bottles of wine stacked from floor to ceiling, isnt’ it amazing?It is about Milestii Mici wine cellar and it’s in Moldova!
  • – What about sleeping in a thatched roof cottage in the winery yard?This is Asconi winery!
  • – Have you ever dreamt of sleeping in a giant wine barrel with spectacular sunrise views across the wineyards?These dreams can come true in the oldest winery in Moldova-Chateau Purcari!
  • – Can you guess why Moldovan wines from the south region are so good and have special aroma?The secret is in the region that benefits from the rich black soil, high temepratures and and winds from the Black Sea!
  • – The country’s most outstanding wineries are placed in the smallest wine region in Moldova – Stefan Voda where the clay soil is iron rich.
  • – Being a wine country, most of the wineries’ restaurants tend to create food masterpieces based on wine like “Sweet wine sauce”, “rabbit marinated in white wine”, “wine ice cream”, “plums stewed in red wine” and many other interesting recipes.
  • – If you are a festivals’ amateur, then the National Wine Festival Celebration in Moldova is right for you.
  •  Mark 1st weekend of October as Moldova trip and find yourself in a largest festival in Moldova dedicated to wine!