Wine tourism.There is truth in Nectar of the Gods.

Wine Tourism Moldova. There is truth in Nectar of the Gods.

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It’s known, that the famous latin aphorism from ancient times,  reached and our days: In vino veritas (There is truth in wine).

The cult of grapevine and wine was particularily developed  in Mediterranean and Black Seas region. There can be found such divinities as Dionysos in the Ancient Greek Culture, Bacchus in the ancient Roman civilization, and, of course, Sabazios – God of wine of Traco-gets population.

No wonder, that toghether with tourism accelleration there appeared another cult in XX century  –  Wine Tourism.

Why is it called Wine Tourism?

Because this form of tourism, actually, implies the viticulture (growing of grapes), the vinification (production of wines), and the oenology (study of wines and vine products). These are three branches of knowledge which complement each other.

Today, we can certainly affirm one thing – the oenotourism represents a new way of relaxation destined for those who prefer novelty and changes to “something new”.

Interesting to know, is that the first official way of wine was „opened” in Germany on 19 October 1935. The goal of this way was to attract German tourists, fans of wine, to particular villages of Pfalz Rheinhessen region, and to, finally, promote the local wines.

Further, the viticultural tourism development continued in French region Alsace, and in 1953 there was opened the first way of wine of France.

„To make a good wine is a matter of habit. To make a wine of quality is an art.”  This quota by Robert Mondavi, pioneer in viticultural tourism, an americain businessman of  Italian extraction. He was the first to open a winery with a wine tasting on the outskirts of San Francisco in 1966.

Wine Culture in Moldova

So, let’s return to Moldova, a country with millenary viticultural traditions.

In ancient times, the vinification of our ancestors knew the Decree of Burebista. As a result, he obliged the Dacs and Gets to cut the grapevines and to live without over-consumption of wine. In modern epoch (1985) it suffered an evident decline due to the Antialcoholism Campaign in URSS. Its development was impending: from greybeards to oak casks and metallic containers, from grape press to classical production methods, from peasant farms to Church and wineries.

Now, we offer you a beautiful opportunity to discover and taste Wines of Moldova. It’s,  obviously, the country, wired to become a wine country basing on its contour on the map – it’s shaped like grape. The harmony of taste and flavour of authochtonous wines characterises Skotland novelist Robert Stevenson „The Wine is poetry in bottles”.

Finally, Enjoy Moldova Team, invites you to celebrate with us the National Wine Day, which is, annualy, celebrated on first weekend of October.

„When you taste wine from cups, know that you drink from grapewine blood, power of the earth and eternity of sun.” – Alexander the Great.