Gastronomy Tour

Gastronomy Tour 

Travel Moldova, join the best Moldova Gastronomy Tour  and savour the most ever delicious food and fascinating drink “Moldovan Wine”.


Day 1 Chisinau – the greenest capital in the world

Upon arrival in Chisinau, you’ll be greeted in Chisinau – beautiful capital of Moldova. Welcome dinner at a typical restaurant-pecularities of the central cuisine in Moldova. Overnight Chisinau.

Day 2 Gastronomy Tour: Cricova Wine Cellars – Chateau Vartely Winery

Today, we’ll take you to one of the biggest wine-cellars in the world and to a small winery, after that appreciate their wines.

Cricova wine cellars

The Integrated Factory “Cricova” is a true pearl of Moldavian wine-making. The excellent Moldavian wines are preserved in the famous Cricova limestone mines (they have almost 60 km in length), under careful custody of wine-makers. Today Cricova is an underground town. You will convince yourself while driving along the streets and boulevards with wine names: Cabernet, Feteasca, Pinot, Aligote… The Integrated Factory Cricova is the only factory in Republic that produces sparkling wine through the classical French fermentation method – aging in bottles for up to 3 years.

Chateau Vartely winery

Afternoon visit and wine tasting at “Chateau Vartely” – a unique Moldovan project for producing wines according to classic European quality standards. This is the first winery in the country of complete cycle – from growing grapes to bottling – modeled on a French chateau. Chateau is located on lands in the Central part of the country. The vineyards, in the vicinity of the river Nistru (region Jora-de-Sus), provide rich harvests of the finest white grapes, aided by the unique soil composition and comfortable climate conditions. Mature and young vineyards occupy about 380 ha, there are planted young vines from European winegrowers (Vivai Ransedo, Italia), as well adapted material from Moldovan winegrowers. Chateau’s vineyards lay over on plains, fact that provides an optimal lightening to vines. The vine is cared all year round and berries are handpicked.

Evening at leisure in Chisinau. Dinner at the traditional restaurant with live popular music.


Day 3 Gastronomy and Wine Tour: Asconi winery – Oenoteque “INVINO”

Asconi winery

Asconi has planted 506 hectares (1250 acres) of vineyards of various varietals. Among them varietals such as Cabernet-Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Muscat Ottonel can be found near Geamana village, in the Codru Region. The picturesque vines are situated about 40 km to the south of Chisinau and 10 km from the winery.Recently, they have also added more variety to their types of grapes which include Malbec, Saperavi, Muscat Rose, Glera and others.  The harvest season usually starts in mind august with white grapes of Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Muscat. Later on we move to Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. The grapes harvested in two ways: handpicking and machine harvesting. The handpicked grapes are used primarily for top tier dry wines.

Afternoon at leisure in Chisinau.

Evening visit to Oenoteque-Wine Shop&Bar “INVINO”. Tasting selected wines of Moldova with a refined appetizer.

Day 4 Gourmet and wine tour: Purcari Winery&EtCetera Winery

Departure Soutward Moldova to Purcari Estate&Winery.


Purcari winery

Visit the Famous Purcari Estate- Tour and wine tasting.

The major goal of creating such a company was the revival of the production of unique and famous sorts of wine like: Negru and Rosu de Purcari (Purcari Black and Red wines). The production of the Purcari wine was recreated, the ancient cellars, dating from 1827, were renovated. Nowadays, these cellars are considered to be the oldest and the most well-known cellars in Moldova.

Proceed to EtCetera winery, nearby village.

Finally, enjoy gourmet lunch and excellent wines tasting at Et Cetera winery.

The vineyards “Et Cetera” were planted in 2003, in village Crocmaz, Stefan Voda region, ideal by its climatic condition for growing best vineyards. The winery was built in 2009 and at the moment has  50 ha of vineyards. Besides classical well known varieties of grapes like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Traminer, and Chardonnay, in 2009 there they planted Syrah, Negro Amaro, Petit Verdot, Albaroso, Marselan, and Malbec. 

Countryside culinary class at the family Luchianov, Etcetera winery. Take an active part at traditional pies baking – national pastry with with different stuffing.


Day 5 Farewell to Moldova. Flight back home.