The Carpet Festival Gagauzia

The Carpet Festival Gagauzia

The traditional Carpet Festival Gagauzia will take place on the 9th of September 2018 in the village of Gaidar. Gagauzian carpet holds a colorful history. Visitors will discover more about carpets at the Carpet Festival Gagauzia.

During this festival, artists show their rugs. The guests have a great opportunity to see the carpets, and of course, to purchase one on the spot. The participants will also show how the wedding is celebrated in Gaidar village. At the same time, the locals will organize master classes on how to make national dishes.

The opening of the carpet festival is scheduled for 12.00. Further,you’ll taste national dishes and drinks, enjoy contests and games. Finally, proceed to photo exhibition and have master classes on weaving.

At the end of the Carpet Festival Gagauzia, the guests will enjoy a festive concert with fireworks.


Above all, visit the Carpets Museum and Studio if you’re interested  in master-class in handicrafts and carpets modeling in Moldova.