Have you ever been to the village Belochi  in the Pridnestrovian/Transnistrian region?

If not yet, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out that the village still has an old impressive water mill – a historical monument of the 19th c. lying on the river Belochi.

And what is more important is that the mill tends to get the second life as the restoration works have begun in autumn 2021 and this unique treasure of architecture has been conserved to be restored.

Most of the water mills in Moldova have become ruins unfortunately and can not be finally brought to life.

Belochi mill is considered to be the biggest mill in the region, which has been preserved fairly over the years.


Some interesting facts about the water mill in Belochi village:

  • The construction of the mill was started by a villager to meet the needs of the locals
  • Polish manufacturer completed the works and the mill was put in operation
  • The mill was constructed with no metal or cement, all the stones are carefully laid down
  • Wooden floors have no fastenings, no nails but the mill stands already more than 125 years in its original form
  • It’s a masterpiece of those times with an equipment from Zurich, Switzerland that serves now as museum exhibits


Support: The Belochi water mill was restored thanks to the financial support provided by the European Union as part of Confidence Building Measures Program implemented by UNDP.

While there, the Enjoy Moldova team recommends visiting another nearby village Stroiesti/Stroentsy with an old water mill turned into a restaurant and hotel complex “Old Mill”. The complex is known for its unique location on the place of a real water mill of the 19th century and offers comfortable stay and dishes of Russian, Ukrainian and Moldovan cuisine for its visitors.


Good to know: The area is also popular for those interested in Polish, German and Jewish roots.


Trip to Moldova: If you plan to visit the northern part of Transnistria, just send us a request on incoming@solei.md and we will come back with more suggestions what places of interest to include in your itinerary.