We wish You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


“Enjoy Moldova” Team invites all guests of our capital to spend winter holidays and celebrate Christmas and New Year 2023 in the Republic of Moldova!

Lots of interesting activities will be offered to all guests right in the mid of the capital Chisinau.

Christmas Tree will please our eyes on the main square “Stefan cel Mare”.

Annual Christmas Fair will give us an opportunity to make aqcuaintance with local popular artists, try the most popular Moldovan Christmas delicacies, meet the most important person of winter holidays – Mos Craciun (Santa Claus), enjoy different entertaining activities, and of course to warm yourselves with mulled wine which is offered at every corner.

Our skillfull wine-makers will take care to prepare the yammiest mulled wine to feel the Moldovan hospitality!

And the last but not the least, everybody will have a chance to explore Chisinau on tourist trolleybus and experience unique feelings as your guide will be our MOS CRACIUN!


From December 17th till January 15th tourist trolleybus will take all visitors through the main streets in Chisinau to show the fairy tale of winter holidays in Chisinau, Mos Craciun will be  entertaining the public in trolleybus and will be sharing some sweet presents among the most talented junior artists.


Other tours around Moldova are available by a preliminary reservation from Enjoy Moldova by Solei-Tourism Team!