Mai Vin 2019 at Asconi Winery

Mai Vin is a spring festival celebrated on 1st of May at Asconi Winery. May Day is the traditional springtime festival holiday celebrated on 1st May in many cultures. It’s an important holiday in many countries around the world. People celebrate May Day to bring good luck for the spring growing season.

Enjoy Moldova by Solei Tourism invites everyone to celebrate the day of May at the wine complex Asconi. On the 1st of May 2019, will be held the first picnic of spring that creates an incredible atmosphere in the village of Puhoi, where wine, barbecue and traditional Moldavian dances are waiting for you. The event is organized by Asconi Winery.

The guests has an opportunity to discover the wine complex Asconi and to visit all areas of production and bottling of Asconi wines. Organizers of the event prepared an ample program of activities for all ages and tastes. The guests can enjoy various master classes and games with wine tastings, delicious food and good music. At the same time, visitors can take part in diverse activities as handmade fair, different games for children and adults, as well as a lot of folk dances and many others contests. At the Mai Vin event, the guests will enjoy a noticeable concert of Alex Calancea Band and Carla’s Dreams.

The Asconi Winery offers:
  • Promenade at the Asconi Winery
  • A glass of sparkling wine Glera
  • Masterclass of wine
  • Games and tastings with wine
  • Discounts of the entire range of wines
  • Barbecue in the open air
  • Shooting areas
  • Fair with handicraft objects
  • Popular Dance lessons
  • Activities for children

The first day of May is celebrated so different around the world. In many countries people celebrate the International Worker’s Day to honor rights of laborers class around the world. May Day is one of the most important holidays in communist countries such as China, North Korea and the former Soviet Union countries. It has become a labor festival honoring the military and industrial efforts of the country.

Ticket price at Mai Vin is 300 lei until April 14 and 350 lei from April 15 to April 30. Ticket price in the day of the event is 400 lei. The price is free of charge for children under 10 years old accompanied by the parents.

Enjoy Moldova is at you disposal to book a tour at Asconi Winery. Reservations are available on +373 22 890 900 or