iPROSOP-festival of traditional towels

iProsop – festival of traditional towels

On May 27, 2018, in the village of Selemet, Cimislia will host the 3rd edition of the iProsop Festival that is one of the most beautiful festival dedicated to the local tradition of hand-made towel.

The festival will promote Moldovan traditions, crafts and national culture. Visitors of the event have opportunity to discover the Traditional Moldovan Towel and learn about its history and production. The Towel is a symbol of the national cultural heritage. Making a hand-made towel or prosop was the most common occupation for women in the 19th – 20th centuries.

The festival will bring together more than 50 popular craftsmen from the country and abroad, to promote traditions and customs from the Southern region of Moldova. iProsop is dedicated to making a hand-made towel designed to harness the unique color of this object in every home.

A towel collections will be organized at fair and specialists in the field will appreciate and explain the significance of  their origin. Guests of the event will have the opportunity to admire the variety of hande-made towels, but also will be able to get traditional towels.

The iProsop Festival contributs to the valorisation of the rural economic potential and the opportunities for developing and promoting tourism of the Southern region of Moldova.