International Womens Day

International Women’s Day

With the coming of spring, everything is gently coming to life again. And one of the beautiful holiday is celebrated on March 8th. The International Women’s Day that is celebrated in many countries around the world for over 100 years. It is a day when women are recognized for their achievements, as well as for changes when it comes to gender parity.

In the Republic of Moldova this is a fair opportunity to compliment with flowers and other presents the most dear women in our lives (mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, beloved ones), besides, officially this is a day-off, so everyone can relax and rest with pleasure.

The 8th of March had been determined to be the women’s day as early as in 1914, when only 6 countries celebrated this holiday (Austria, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Russia and Switzerland), and only in year 1975 UN decided to declare this date as an International Woman’s Day.

Let us see how this holiday is celebrated in other countries of the world:

Germany, Poland, France – the 8th of March is not officially a day-off, and it is more preferred to celebrate Mother’s Day in May.

Lithuania – beginning with year 2002 there it is celebrated an International Women’s Day of Solidarity.

Italy – here people celebrate the 8th of March, however this is not a day-off. It is celebrated only by the women, who get as a gift from the stronger sex the mimosa flowers (this is a tradition as early as 1946).

Bulgaria – here it is not a day-off, thus giving a nice opportunity to compliment both the beloved women, and the female colleagues with a flower, a symbolic present or with nice words.

Greece – in spite of the fact that the 8th of March is officially recognized, nevertheless the Women’s Day is celebrated on the 8th of January – when they can afford a day-off with no trouble, and if they see at least one man outside of the house, they have all rights to wet him with cold water.

Vietnam – in this country this holiday has a more than 2000 years old history, earlier this holiday was called Sisters Chyng Memorial Day.

China – the 8th of March is officially a day-off for women, not for the men, who have to cook traditional meals – the “Pumpkin of Fidelity”. There is also organized a beauty contest Miss Peking.

Japan – here the 8th of March is not celebrated, instead of it there is celebrated a Girls’ Day (and/or Dolls’ Day) on the 3rd of March, and on the 14th of March – a White Day, when men give presents to the beloved women.

Russia – here it is an official holiday since 1913, is a day-off when all the men do not lose any opportunity to give even an insignificant part of consideration to women and young ladies.

Armenia – beginning with the 8th of March and till the 7th of April (National Day of Beauty and Motherhood) here it is celebrated «Women’s Month».

Dear ladies, we would like to congratulate you with all our hearts with this beautiful spring holiday, and would like to wish you that your every day would be a holiday. 

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