Easter holidays in Selemet Village

Easter holidays in Selemet Village

On Moundy Thursday will be held a masterclass dedicated to the customs and traditions before Easter holidays. The event will take place in the village of Selemet, Cimislia district.

Easter, one of the most beautiful and sacred Christian holidays is coming. All families in Moldova respect its traditions. It all starts with the beautiful and tasty tradition of baking „pasca” ( Easter bread), cooking roast lamb (symbol of the sacrifice) and dying eggs in red (as Jesus blood).

In the Resurrection morning Christians gather in the churchyard where they receive the holy light and where all dishes cooked by housewives and carefully put in a basket, are sanctified.

First are served the sanctified bread, eggs, salt, meat which are divided among family members. By tradition, egg shells are thrown at the root of a tree or vine.

Easter is a family holiday that gathers all generations at one table. Most spoiled are the cadets because in the Resurrection morning they wash their faces with untouched water, making the sigh of the cross with a red egg and receive pennies.

A week after Easter it  is celebrated the „Memorial Easter” when families gather again, but this time at the cemeteries and remember  the deceased.

In Moldova (as well as in  Romania) is widespread the expression „At horses Easter ” – actually it is a holiday  that coincides with the Ascension (40 days after Easter). This holiday is unstable and depends on the Catholic and Orthodox calendar, it is celebrated only when Orthodox Easter coincides with the Catholic Easter (that happens once in every 4 or 7 years). So this year we have the occasion to finally celebrate „Horse Easter „.

The program of the masterclass dedicated to Eastern holidays:

  • baking of Cozonac
  • cooking of lamb and preparation of Easter eggs
  • gardening on Moundy Thursday

The event will be broadcast live on the pages of AOBastinaSelemet and UNDP Moldova.

Enjoy Moldova Team wishes You a bright and happy Easter together with  your beloved family !