Easter Holidays in Moldova



The period 05.04 – 14.04.2024 the whole country Republic of Moldova is celebrating Orthodox Easter which is a very special and significant holiday in our culture. Early in the morning, on Easter Sunday, people go to the church with an especially home-baked for this occasion Easter Cake “Pasca” and colored (usually red but can be any other color with various ornament) eggs to bless the basket and light the candles.  Later this day, these blessed dishes will be shared among family members at traditional Easter lunch. This day the Moldovans start their meal exclusively with Easter cake and eggs blessed at church. 40 days before Easter, Orthodox people are fastening and going to church to Confession. During these weeks people are not supposed to consume meat, dairy products, eggs and fish can be served on their tables only on certain Fish Days. People in Moldova tend to follow Easter traditions, which are carefully preserved and transmitted, from one generation to another.


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