Duminica Mare-festival of Moldovan traditions

Duminica Mare – festival of Moldovan traditions

On Sunday, May 27, the Festival of national traditions “Duminica Mare ” (Great Sunday) will open in a picturesque settled on the river Raut village of Domulgeni, Floresti. This festival is a real cultural event in Moldova, as this sunday is consired to be the most important of the year.

Celebrating the National Tourist Festival Duminica Mare has already become a tradition in the village of Domulgeni. The event is aimed the development and promotion of the local folklore and traditions, handicraft and gastronomic traditions. On the territory of the festival will be different relaxing areas as well as Ograda Țărănească, Tîrgul Meșteșugarilor and exhibition of  Bessarabian carpets.

Every year, this event, brings together guests from all corners of the country, but also foreign tourists, because Moldovans are people with rich traditions. The popular craftsmen will expose their handicrafts and folklore assemblies from different areas of the country will create a festive atmosphere within this unique festival Duminica Mare.

At the event will be organized a demonstration of workshops for carpets, embroidery and manufacture of the national costume, but also pottery and ceramics. For those who want to buy a traditional object, there will be a fair for sale.

The culinary delights will not be missed at the event, as we all know Moldovans have a rich gastronomic tradition. Visitors will be able to enjoy local dishes and dishes prepared after the old recipes in the area. This village hostess, also the most ancient recipes of bread and traditional dishes.

The festival program is free and open for all those curious to rediscover the folklore and handicraft traditions of our nation.