Bostaniada 2018 – Ethno-Gastronomical

Bostaniada 2018 – Ethno-Gastronomical National Festival

Dear Friends!

We are happy to invite you to the seventh Ethno-Gastronomical National Festival Bostaniada 2018!

It is an event where people become acquainted not only with national traditions and culture, but also moldavian national dishes, such as pumpkin pies and others. You may also taste the green wine and homemade juice!

Bostaniada is famous due its festive atmosphere: you will get a lot of fun participating at different contests and winning prizes. There will be artists performing national folklore music.

However, the most significant part of the festival is the giant pumpkin contest, which is the visiting card of the festival!

The festival Bostaniada 2018 takes place on 22 September, in the village of Balanesti.

Dress code at Bostaniada 2018 – orange and autumn style outfit.