Arta Rustica Museum

 Carpets and Handicrafts Museum “Arta Rustica”

Dear friends!

We’re happy to invite everybody to a master-class in carpets modeling in Moldova. Actually, we’re speaking about  the carpets museum “Arta Rustica” in Orhei region,  village CLISOVA NOUA!
Here, you’ll have a perfect possibility to see old and new samples of national objects of Moldovan culture. Obviously, all these reflect the way of life, customs and traditions of the Moldovans.
Among them you’ll find a variety of traditional carpets, pottery, garment, as well as old weaving looms. All the articles are, surely, true masterpieces, as they’re traditionaly ornamented, and are carefully preserved. 
You’ll be done an excursion around this marvelous place by the master herself. She will tell you the origin of every object, its function and assignment. Finally, you’ll be invites to a master-class in weaving different wool articles.

We’ll, undoubtedly, charge you with a plenty of positive emotions while at Arta Rustica Museum!

Join organised tours by Solei Tourism in Moldova, and you’ll finally get into the unique carpets museum. It’s about a huge collection of fantastic articles from different corners of former Bessarabia. You’ll find out, how our traditional room “Casa Mare” is decorated. And, of course, about  important events which usually take place in this spacious, so to say, the biggest room in the house. You’ll be surprised by the diversity of embroidered carpets, towels, pillows and tablecloths held in the “Casa Mare”.

You’re welcome to book a Country Tour in Moldova that includes a visit to this fascinating place like carpets museum.

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