Soroca Fortress Tour

Travel North Moldova and visit the pearl of Moldova – Soroca Fortress! Learn the way of living of Gypsy (Roma) people and see their gorgeous mansions! Find yourselves on the top of the hill housing the stately monument shaped like a candle! Get aсquainted with the spiritual life of the Rudi monastery!

Group size: from 1 pax

Soroca Fortress

First, we’ll visit the fortress Soroca that lies on the Nistru river bank. Interesting to know, that during Petru Rares reign in Moldova (1543–1546), the fortress was completely re-built in stone, and in the shape that we see it today – a perfect circle. Moreover, when designing the fortress, the builders incorporated the supreme law of harmony “the golden section”. Thus, it makes the fortress unique among examples of European defensive architecture.

The fortress is the only medieval monument in Moldova, which has been preserved entirely as it was designed by its builders. Above the entrance gate the tourists can see the small military church.


Rudi monastery

We’ll further travel to the village Rudi. Rudi is one of the  places that is worth  visiting. But, the main object of visit in this area is one of the oldest monasteries in Moldova.

The Rudi monastery has preserved the traditional monks’ way of life throughout the centuries. The “Holy Trinity” church from 1777 is a representative sample of the old Moldavian religious architectural style. The church lies in a beautiful natural setting in the valley of the river Bulboana.


If you decide to try the cuisine of the North, the right place would be “Pocrovskaia Usadiba”. There, you’ll savor  traditional Russian dishes, as well as, several specialties of the house, which are very delicious. It is the only locality where you can taste an aromatic hot cup of tea made in a real samovar, heated on coals.

Old Russian Believers


The raspberry jam, that conserves each little berry, will pleasantly surprise you with its exquisite taste. So, all this is served in the “Samovarnaia”-a special tea house in an old rustic style. You will, also, get acquainted with old traditional handicraft items and an exhibition of ancient objects.


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