Heritage Tours

USSR Heritage Tours.

Be our guest and visit Transnistria, the self -proclaimed independent republic that has preserved the Soviet air and Soviet relics like Lenin monuments, the monument of tank, sovjet style buildings, etc. that will, surely, take you back to USSR.   The Transnistrian Moldovan Republic has auto declared its independence the 2nd of September 1990. This strip of land situated on the left bank of Dniester river, is actually a fictive “country” that is not recognized by any other international states. Transnistria comprises six districts, has its own currency, the Transnistrian ruble, a President, government, coat of arms and country borders. Visit Transnistria Tour.

 Turkic Heritage Tours.

 Gagauz-Yeri is an autonomous region in the South of Republic of Moldova.  The Gagauz people are of Turkish origin, they descend from the Seljuq Turks, being the only Turkish people group that traditionally adheres to Russian-Orthodox beliefs. In the Republic of Moldova there are about 147,5 Gagauz. Comrat is the administrative center of the Unit and Besalma village was taken under the UNESCO protection in 1993 being “the center of the Gagauz culture”, where we can find  a valuable museum of history and ethnography featuring the unique Orthodox people of Turkish-Gagauzian origin. Take a tour to Gagauzia and feel the spirit of the Turkish origin.

German Heritage Tours.

The history of Bessarabian Germans has its roots since the 19th century. That was the time when the colonists from Europe began to settle into the territory in the South of Bessarabia, a territory rich in harvest. It was namely that period of time when for many of the German families, for entire communities, Bessarabia became the second motherland. From 1814 to 1842, 9000 settlers came from Germany: Württemberg, Mecklenburg, Baden, Elsass, Bayern. By the year 1861, 26 thousand Germans were living in the province. In the 90s of the 19th century the German settlements reached the number of 84, they made the Bugeac steppe become a blossoming land.In our program we included these settlements and guests can visit the villages like Alexanderfeld, Albota de Sus, Marienfeld etc.  and see houses once belonging to German families.

Polish Heritage Tours

Discover the presence of Polish community.This historical tour is rich in elements that will take you back in time. We will learn the personalities of the Polish origin, who contributed to the development of Moldovan land (Constantine Alexander Brzozowski, Cezarina Doliwa-Dobrovolskaya, Foma Titovici Mihalovski, etc.), architectural elements, worship objects, localities founded by the Polish. You will enjoy the architecture, nature, music and food.Explore the north of the country, the region settled by ethnic Poles in the past with high influence of the Polish over a long time. 

Jewish Heritage Tours

Jewish history in Moldova dates back several centuries. The Jews living on the territory of Moldova and Bessarabia had left a very significant mark in the history of the country. They were always considered a great people having rich knowledge in almost all spheres, showing the good deeds and playing an important role in the economy of the area.

The region has become a center of literature written in Hebrew and Yiddish in the 19th c.

During the World War II the Jews in Bessarabia had faced and suffered violent events as “Bessarabia’s Clean-Up” resulted in a massacre of the Jews in the villages and to the concentration of the city’s Jews into a ghetto.

Nowadays, around 18 thousand of the Jews are living in Chisinau, 3 thousand in the northern Moldova, and more than 2 thousand in Tiraspol (Transnistria).

Large Jewish communities are situated also in the cities Rybnitsa, Beltsi, Bendery, Soroca, Orhei.