IA Mania the festival of arts

IA Mania the festival of arts

Everyone is invited to the 6th edition of the IA Mania Festival. The event will be held on July 8 in village Holercani district Dubasari on the banks of the Nistru river. Local handmade masters and artisans will take part of the event with their original and authentic handmade products. IA Mania festival is a real cultural event that attracts not only Moldovan people, but also foreigners, because Moldovans are people with rich traditions.

IA MANIA is a festival promoting Moldovan culture and traditions through national cuisine, music, dance and authentic handicrafts.

IA is an item of our national costume that shows the nation’s culture and traditions, as well as can tell about the history of our country. Moldovan people are proud when they wear traditional costumes and IA for various festivals. During the festival, guests wear traditional costumes and IAs, but also modern clothes with the elements of national costumes.

Without any doubts, the highlights of the festival is the traditional costume parade, but also the gigantic Hora gathering visitors of the festival.

There will be a culinary contest of traditional dishes between the villages of the Dubasari district and visitors will have opportunity to taste delicious Moldovan food.

The popular artisans will expose their handicrafts and folklore assemblies will create a festive atmosphere within this unique festival organized every year in June. Visitors of the festival have opportunity to buy original IAs, accessories, skirts, belts and other modern cloths with traditional Moldovan prints at the convenient prices.

Do not miss a chance to be part of this wonderful festival – IA Mania!