Wine Festival in Chisinau 2019

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Wine Festival

Wine Festival Chisinau!

Join the Wine Festival Tour in Moldova and get a good portion of perfect mood and plenty of local wine. Moreover, become a sommelier for these two memorable days of the festival! Finally, take a tour to the most famous wineries in Moldova.

So, plan your trip to the wine festival in Moldova in October 2019. The annual wine event will take place on the first weekend in October, 5-6th in Chisinau. Assembly Square “Stefan cel Mare si Sfant” in Chisinau will host this unforgettable celebration.

Visitors and guests of the festival will surely enjoy the aroma and bouquet of Moldovan wines. It’s a true festival where culture and traditions revive.

Undoubtedly, wine event  will surprise the locals and the guests of the capital by its diversity and enormity.

What the annual wine festival in Chisinau  can offer?

  • folk shows
  • wine and food local producers
  • wine tastings – a large variety of wine, young wine and sparkling wine
  • festive processions
  • national garments and decorations
  • national artisants’ fair
  • and, of course, good mood

Solei-Turism services:

We offer qualitative tourism services and travel packages at affordable prices for:

* Hotel accommodation 

* Transport services

* Wine Tours                                           

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Most importantly, you’ll get plenty of positive emotions while in Moldova during the WINE FESTIVAL!

Above all, we’ll arrange a wine tour according to an individual request. Or join our group wine tour by sending us a booking request.

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National Wine Day – respect for traditions, courage in innovations!