Vallentine’s Day at Chateau Vartely


When it comes to Valentine’s Day  – it’s all about ideas. It could be another year of flowers, cards and chocolates. And that might not quite cover what you would like to say. You can do something really special and come to Chateau Vartely  – one of the most romantic places in Moldova. Treat yourself and your lover to an unforgettable Valentine’s Day evening at the winery, somewhere quiet, surrounded by hundreds of candles, so that you can spend time together, far from the distractions of home.

Spending your Valentine’s Day at Chateau Vartely could be a delightfully romantic gift for your ‘special someone’. There is no end of entertainment! The romantic atmosphere with music and the scent of local delicacies as: variety of bruschetta, Fegato Salad, Salmon with Teriyaki, rabbit baked in wine with orange sauce, fruit meringue, all this just for 40 euro/person. And if you need to be dropped off- we can do it.

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