Thomas Art Wall

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Thomas Art Wall

Everyone is welcome anytime for a little creative! „Thomas Albert Hotel” in cooperation with the art atelier “Planeta Moldova” invites you to participate in the Street Art project: Thomas ART WALL

  • Discovering the Moldovan pottery tradition is FUNThomas Art Wall
  • You participate in the process of art creation
  • It is an unforgettable experience
  • It is  a team-building activity with JOY
  • You socialize during this master class in a relaxed atmosphere


Pottery and ceramics have been an important part of the human culture for thousands of years. Nowadays, more and more artists working with ceramics are showing an interest in making wall pieces. It brings a vivid beauty to the walls.

This is a project that sure will spark your creativity including wet clay hand building and painting pottery. The art atelier provides a unique experience for all ages. Small groups of 2-6 people are formed to attend this relaxing and inspiring project. You can come by yourself or with friends. No experience is required, just have fun and create something unique. Everyone can be an artist! Meeting point is the ART Wall atelier „Planeta Moldova“ (here you have also a wide range of Moldovan souvenirs). The local artist guides participants during the 3 hours master class in creation of personally designed ceramic plate. The artisan at „Planeta Moldova“ dries and fires it with a glaze during 3 weeks. And finally, it can be installed on the Thomas ART WALL.

Because it is Street Art, the access to the Thomas ART WALL is granted anytime for Selfie, Contemplation and Collective photos.

You can make a reservation just with a  click here

Everyone is welcomed at Thomas ART WALL Master class!