Spiridon Vangheli – the grandfather of all children

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Spiridon Vangheli

The year 2013 was declared the Year of Spiridon Vangheli, who this year will be 81 years old.

Writer, translator and editor, Spiridon Vangheli is one of the most prominent writers of Moldova known through his books for kids.

The debut book was a booklet, „In the country of butterflies”, published in 1962. During his writing activity which spread over half a century, the writer has published a series of books for children such as: „The Boy in the Blue Hut” (1964), „The Adventures of Gugută” (1967), „Columbus in Australia” (1972), „Gugută – the captain of the ship” (1979), „The star of Ciubotel” (1981), „The Horse with blue eyes” (1981), „Pantalonia” (The land of Trousers)– the country of dwarfs” (1989), „Gugută and his friends”, vol. I-II (1994), „Children under the Handcuffs of Siberia” (2001) etc.

In 2006 the writer carries out a significant project „The Book for Reading and Thinking” for the grades I-IV in 4 volumes.

S. Vangheli has become well-known in many countries of the world, his books have been written about children and for children and is highly valued in about 40 countries of the world in whose language the books of „Creanga of Basarabia” were translated and published in about 20 million copies.

Not only his books were translated, but he himself has translated poems and prose for children from the universal literature into the official language: „The Blue Rabbit” (1968), „The Girl from Hiroshima” (1981), „Peter Pan and Wendy” by James Barrie (1975, 1988) and „Pippi Longstocking” by Astrid Lindgren (1973, 1984).



The writer was born on June 14, 1932, in the village of Grinauti, judet of Balti.

He graduated the primary school in his native commune. The following grades he studies in the city of Balti and in the commune of Pelinia (Drochia).

He graduated the Pedagogigal Universtity  „Ion Creanga” in 1955. He worked as a school teacher for 2 years with the general school in the village of Napadeni.

Afterwards, he became the editor within the publishing houses „Cartea Moldoveneasca” and „Lumina”.

For about 25 years (1970-1995) he has lead the department of children’s literature under the association Union of Writers.

He is married and has 2 children (Radu and Rodica) who have brought him grandchildren.


Spiridon Vangheli has received the „Andersen” International Honorific Diploma” (1974), the State Prize of the SSRM (1980), The Prize „Ion Creanga” of the Romanian Academy (1996), the special prize of Union of Writers from Romania (2002), he has received the honorific title of Master of Arts (1982) and the People’s Writer (1992), he has been decorated with the Republican Order (1996) and was nominated for the Astrid Lindgren Prize, one of the most valuable prizes awarded for children’s literature (2012).

cartea Guguta si prietenii sai


In the honour of the best friend of children, the authorities of Chisinau anticipates to put up the monument to Guguta in the capital city. Currently, the Municipal Theatre of Puppets „Guguta”, the publishing house for children „Guguta” and the delicious traditional cake „The Hat of Guguta” bear the name of Guguta.

The name of Spiridon Vangheli is born by the primary school in Ungheni city, the School No. 21 in Balti, the Library for Children from Ialoveni.