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This weekend, May 5 th, takes place the 3rd edition of the Marathon Orheiul Vechi XCM 2018. The event will be hold at the open-air museum Orheiul Vechi that is situated in the cliffy ravine of the Raut river, which measures up to 150-200 meters of depth. The Marathon Orheiul Vechi is a mountain bike cycling competition for both amateurs or professionals. The event promotes the active and healthy way of life, as well as the picturesque surroundings in our country.

The Orheiul Vechi  is famous for the cave monasteries located there and represents the most popular places of interest in Moldova.  Orheiul Vechi is a museum complex that presents the remains of different civilizations established between Nistru and Prut rivers. It is situated 60 km away from Chisinau. Cultural Landscape Orheiul Vechi is also includes in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Mountain Bike Marathon Orheiul Vechi fosters sport, healthy lifestyle, but also harness the tourist potential for active tourism. The marathon starts and finishes on the territory of Trebujeni village. Categories of participants will be divided by age and distance. Cyclists can choose one of the two routes, either, the long one – 68 km, which passes through the villages of Brăneşti, Furceni, Ivancea, Piatra, Pohărniceni, Jăloboc, Trebujeni, Butuceni şi Morovaia, or the short version of the route – 45 km. The participants will go to the banks of the river Raut, through the forests, climb and descend on the cliffs.

All persons over 15 years old, both from Moldova and abroad, are allowed to participate in the race. In the last edition there were about 200 athletes who participated at the event.

Every year in early May is organized a new edition of the Mountain Bike Marathon Orheiul Vechi XCM, thus harnessing the active tourism, but also events for biking enthusiasts.

For participants who would like to spend the night at the Orheiul Vechi complex, there will be arranged accommodation in the campsites in the Start/Finish area or you can opt for accommodation at the pension in Orheiul Vechi complex.

If you don’t have the necessary equipment – don’t worry, Solei-Turism helps you to get it. We are at you disposal  on +373 22 890 900 or

With no doubts, Orheiul Vechi is one of the most beautiful place in our country and you will bike with pleasure in this district. Get you friends and book a bike tour in Moldova, at the Open Air Museum Complex Orheiul Vechi or  through Milestii Mici/Cricova cellars.

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