Moldova Sightseeing Tour
Bike Tour Open Air Museum Complex “Orheiul Vechi”

 Cycle Tour Moldova

Day 1

Transfer to Naslavcea

Cycle Tour Moldova: Naslavcea – Calaraseuca – Unguri – Arionesti –Rudi. Overnight in Pocrovca.

  • Visiting Naslavcea – the northernmost point in Moldova.
  • The Monument Dedicated to the victims of the revolution from Hotim in 1919.
  • Landscape reservation “33 de vaduri”


Calaraseuca (Kalarasheuka) Monastery is located on the bank of the Dnestr river, at the bottom of the hill at one of the very picturesque places in Moldova. The Monastery covers an area of about 10 hectares and is surrounded by a forest and situated at the border with Ukraine.


  • The most important reserve in terms of size and the variety of monuments is Rudi-Arionești. It includes three gorges with sharp and woody brinks: Rudi, Arionesti and Tatarauca. The gorge Rudi is particularly important, being 5 km long and 250 m deep. Fissures of odd forms, made by wind, are well defined. On windy days, depending on the direction of the wind, the fissures emit melodic sounds. This effect has earned them the name of “wind harps”. Forests dominate the landscape. There reserve has several springs.
  • Rudi Monastery is located on the bank of the Nistru River, 15 km from the town of Otaci. In 1777, with the blessing of Bishop Inochentie from Husi (1752 – 17820), a Moldovan style stone church celebrating the feast of the Holy Trinity was founded.
  • Visiting Pocrovca village – founded by Old Rite Believers at the end of the XVIIIth century.

Overnight in Pocrovca.

Day 2

Cycle Tour Moldova: Pocrovca –  Cosauti – Soroca. Cycling in Soroca. Overnight in Soroca.

  • Visiting Cousauti Monastery and its surroundings.
    Cosauti monastery is a place of monks, destroyed many times by the Turk invasions. The old church was kept until XIX century. In the place of the old monastery remained only a few rocks with inscriptions and a box decorated with icons and candles. The reconstruction of the monastery began in the 90s of XX century from the northern side, opposite the original settlement.
  • Natural, Geological and Paleonthological Monument “Pragurile Nistrului” and “Afloriment de gresii si granit”.
  • Landscape reservation “Cosauti”
  • Visiting Soroca Fortress, Gipsy Hill, the History Museum, the Candle of Gratitude.
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Day 3

Cycle Tour Moldova: Soroca –  Telemeuti – Bursuc – Japca. Overnight in Japca.

  • Dendrology Park of Telemeuti.
  • Rich in uranium salts spring.
  • Japca Monastery – The only monastery
    which was open during sovjet era.
  • The geopaleonthologic monument “Japca Cliff”

Day 4

Cycle Tour Moldova: Japca – Vadul lui Rascov – Socola – Saharna – Tipova – Lalova. Overnight in Lalova. 

Vadul lui Rascov:

  • House – Museum of Dumitru Matcovschi.
  • The ruins from the remains of St. Nicolae’s church from XVII century.
  • Jewish cemetery. The biggest in Europe.
  • Waterfall, hermitage caves, tombstone with 1790 inscription.


  • The largest, the most enigmatic, and the most unexplored cave complex from Eastern Europe.


  • Sarna Monastery with Patron the Holy Trinity.
  • The cave monastery with patron Bunavestire.
  • Geto-Dacian Fortress, “Grimidon” cliff.
  • The natural-landscape reservation, the waterfalls.
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  • The cave ensemble of three monastic complexes : the church “Ascension of the Cross”, “St. Nicolae” and “Assumption of the Virgin Mary”.
  • The natural-landscape reservation, the waterfalls.


  • The traditional boarding house and eco-resort “Hanul lui Hanganu”.

Day 5  

Cycle Tour Moldova: Lalova – Viscauti – Branesti – Orheiul Vechi. Overnight in Butuceni.

  • Visiting Alexei Mateevici house-museum, a national writer, the one who wrote Moldovan anthem.
  • Mary’s Church

Orheiul Vechi:

  • Cave monastery
  • Archeological Museum
  • The ruins of the Geto-Dacian fortress, tatar bath.

Day 6

Check out from the hotel. Transfer to  Chisinau

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  • English speaking guide services
  • Entrance fees
  • Technical assistance
  • Energy bar and water.

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  • Helmet
  • Locks
  • Repair kit
  • Pump
  • Racks

Other equipment is available at an additional charge: if required.

You may choose to bring your own seat, pedals, bottles and/or other accessories; we will change out seats and pedals for you.
While a helmet can be provided, we recommend that for safety and hygiene reasons you bring your own or plan to purchase one upon arrival.
Please consider also bringing your own water recipient.

  • The price does not include: meals – a table will be booked and meals will be ordered a la carte, or can be included for additional price.

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