Cricova Wine Run Marathon 2018

Cricova Wine Run Marathon 2018.

Finally, in Moldova will be a unique race for wine lovers – Cricova Wine Run Marathon 2018. It will be held on the 28th January. This is the third edition and the start is at 10:00.
The distance of race remains 10 km same as in the last year.

The Integrated Factory “Cricova” is a true pearl of Moldavian wine-making. The excellent Moldavian wines ages and preservs in the famous Cricova limestone mines under careful custody of wine-makers. Today Cricova is an underground town. You will convince yourself while running along the streets and boulevards with a total length of about 120 km.

Participants have to run on the wine cellars at the depth of 100 meters. You need to have a flashlight and sport suit. In addition, a respiratory mask you will have included in the package. You can use it on some parts of the route while running through the cellars.

marathon du medoc

Marathon du Médoc

One of the longest marathon in the world is Marathon du Médoc. It attracts more than 3300 foreigners from more than 50 nations. Participants run through the wineyard of the Médoc in the Gironde, France and taste wine on 23 wine stops. The marathon is famous for it’s festive atmosphere. People wear fancy dresses, smile, some of them are dancing and also spend a good time with a good wine.

Wicked Wine Run

In some cities of AmeWicked Wine Runrica you can attend Wicked Wine Run. People wear their most wicked costumes and funky hats. Furthermore, they listen to music with a live rock band and enjoy a wine tasting.

The first race through wine cellars was in Moldova in one of the most spetacular cellars of the country at Cricova Winery on January 2015.

Everybody is welcome to take part of the race so come to Cricova Wine Run 2018.

If you a true wine lover you can take a look at wine tours. It will help you to discover the best wine producers of the country.