Bessarabian National Carpets in Clisova Noua

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Bessarabian Carpets Moldova Clisova Noua


Dear friends!

We’re delighted to invite everybody who wants to have a master-class in handicrafts in Moldova to the Museum of History and Ethnography in Orhei region, in the village of CLISOVA NOUA!
Here you’ll have a perfect possibility to witness old and new samples of national objects of our people and culture which reflect Moldavian way of life, customs and traditions.
Among them you’ll find a variety of traditional carpets, pottery, garment, old weaving looms which are still working, and many other things ornamented in traditional style and carefully preserved.
You’ll be done an excursion around this marvelous place where the founder of the museum will tell you the history of every object and its function and assignment, followed by a master-class in weaving different articles.

We do assure you that you’ll have a plenty of positive emotions while being at this charming Moldavian museum of handicrafts!

Join Solei-Incoming organised tours in Moldova and you’ll finally get in the unique museum having huge collection of fantastic carpets from different corners of former Bessarabia. You’ll find out how our traditional room “Casa Mare” must be decorated and what events usually take place in this big room with embroidered carpets, towels, pillows and tableclohs.